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JJRC M05 Mini RC Helicopter Review

  JJRC M05 is an excellent RC helicopter for absolute beginners. The JJRC M05 does not fly well in the wind that has a speed of over 15kph.  However, a beginner will crash his helicopter less often due to higher precise control.   Also, the JJRC M05 is controlled by a 2.4ghz system so it can fly outdoor if the wind speed is around 14 kph.  As its size is not too small to fly - its length is 345mm, and its height is 108mm; in general, it can fly for about 15 minutes. It is also crash-proof.  After several crashes, my helicopter still can fly very well.  You can check it out by watching the practice video below.  I believe that it is a must for an absolute beginner just like me.  Its part availability is good too, so you can repair it easily. While the JJRC M05 has a good capability of flying, it is not expensive at all.  You can get it on eBay for under $60.     I am practicing with my JJRC M05 inside a public parking lot.   Take a close look at my flying JJRC here. Carlos Santos  
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Getting into RC helicopter is so confusing

If you are first time getting into flying an RC heli, you might be confused by the verities of features offered by the different RC helis. In the post, I will discuss the points I focused on when I picked a beginner RC heli. It is not a guide, but my observation after playing with 4 beginner RC helis. In this post, I will talk about how to pick your first RC heli. Different Types of RC Helicopters When you go to an online shopping site such as you will find that there are mainly 3 types of RC helicopters. They are coaxial, fixed pitch, and collective pitch helicopters. Coaxial helicopters are very stable flyers, but with a somewhat complicated design – they have two rotors, one on top of another. Many coaxial helicopters are controlled by 3.5 channels. In my opinion, the coaxial helicopters look dull and can be harder for me to repair, I decided to focus on the 4 channel fixed pitch helicopters. Collective pitch helicopters on the other hand can behave exactly like a rea

C129 Micro Helicopter Review

  Here are some pictures you can appreciate the beauty of the Firefox C129 helicopter flying. Here is a video on YouTube to see how stable this micro RC helicopter is.   What is Firefox C129 Helicopter It is a micro RC helicopter that is ready to fly What you will receive Model: C129 Material Used: Plastics Transmitter/Receiver: 2.4Ghz Channel: 4 Propeller Length: 249mm; Fuselage Height: 80mm; Fuselage Length: 268mm Maximum Control Area: 100m Battery Needed: 3.7V 300mAh Battery (Lithium) Max. Flying Duration: 15 minutes Time to charge: around 60 minutes How I Feel About This Micro Helicopter A Brief Review for the Firefox C129, A Micro RC Helicopter. I think Firefox C129 is the best RC helicopter for every beginning hobbyist.  It has a long fly duration and is very crash-resistant.  Here are some points why you should consider buying these micro RC helicopters. (They are as same as the Eachine E129; by my own observation, they are just rebranding for foreign markets.) What I like about

Wltoys V911s review, an excellent entry point to the RC helicopter flying

  Why Wltoys V911s is the excellent entry point for Rc helicopter flying. There are 9 points why Wltoys V911s is a great entry point for flying RC helicopters. Wltoys V911s has a low price point - around $70 on eBay, and $45 on Aliexpress (the shipment takes about a month). Wltoys V911s is very durable - I will make a video to show you this later.  I had a couple of crashes with this RC helicopter, and nothing broke yet. There is a lot of spare parts available on the market, so it is not really a toy but a model.  Availability of the spare parts means once you break the helicopter, you can fix it - here is the link to find the spare parts . You can use any 3.7V LIPO on the market.   When you can use those LIOPs for other RC planes. Once you learn how to control the Wltoys V911s, you can control any 4 channel RC helicopter such as Wltoys V912 and V913.  It is not as easy to control as the Firefox C129 , in fact, it should be the next RC helicopter after you get bored with the C129 that

Flying a Tiny RC Plane (Cessna z53 RC Airplane Review) Over the Most Crowded City

  Flying a Tiny RC Plane Over the Most Crowded City I live in Macau, a tiny city located in the south of Asia. In this city, it is very hard to find a big enough place for flying a regular RC plane. However, I want to get a taste of RC flying, so I have decided to pick up a tiny RC plan for fulfilling my quest. Reasons for Picking Up This RC Plane There are several reasons why I picked up this RC plane to experience the exciting flying moment as a beginner. It is very cheap. You can get in on eBay for less than $50.  I got it on, a Chinese shopping site for less than $20.  The lower price is good; it gets damaged, I do not feel bad.  Then, I can enjoy it as much as possible. It can fly very well. This plane has a gyro stabilization system. It can balance itself as it flies.  As a result, it can never crash due to your incorrect control. It should be easy to control.  The controller has two sticks, one on the left and one on the right.  With the left one, you can give power t

Get the cheapest version of this Z608 (K99) drone only if you really want one.

  Get the cheapest version of this Z608 (K99) drone only if you really want one. This is not a good toy flying over the sky. Weaknesses: I tried several times and found out that there is no obstacle avoidance function even after pressing the key on the top left corner. On the transmitter, you will see a label saying that the obstacle avoidance function is only allowed in open space. You can see this video to find out how this function failed on my drone. I also found out that the propeller guards cannot be secured.  Unlike many other drones, They are not inserted into the body of the drone. After the failure of the obstacle avoidance function, all the propeller protection guards dropped to the ground.  It proves that the guards provide no protection.  Here are the reasons why: I also found out that its zoom-in function is nonexistent, but it is mentioned in advertisements. I ask the seller how to use this function, and according to the seller’s instruction, I put my two fingers togethe

I am the webmaster of this blog, on Blogger.

(I am Carlos Santos.  I am the webmaster of this blog, and  a non-native English speaker) My name is Carlos Santos.  I am a computer teacher and love flying all kinds of toys. I have experience in RC gliders, helicopters, and drones.  Currently, I have changed my focus on flying kites as they are cheap but very fun activities. I strongly believe that to have fun, one does not need to spend a lot of money.  In fact, most flying toys are not as expensive as RC cars or anything as such.     I have two college degrees, one in Business and the other is in information/programming.  I love building things and solving problems.  I enjoy English writing too.  I hope I can practice my English writing and at the same time, share my knowledge with other bloggers here. I am building this blog due to my passion for flying toys.  On my pages, I will review many different kinds of toys flying over the sky (under $100 USD).  As I have played with many flying toys, I found that there is no such thing as